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Stamping Production Line

The automation rate of stamping production line reaches more than 98%

Welding Production Line

The Welding Production Line of stamping production line reaches  100%

Digital Facilities

It adopts equipment and technology integration of German Benteler heating furnace, Spanish Fagor pressure machine and German Trumpf laser cutting, with an annual production capacity of nearly 2.5 million pressing times.

Digital Control

Through the application of hand-held terminal, the production site carries out standardized management of the on-site process, realizes the process implementation controllable and later tracking, and improves the production efficiency and quality.

Smart Factory Platform

A series of industrial APPs are jointly developed by the affiliated software enterprises of Zhixin Group, with highly customized and complete independent intellectual property rights, and with high capacity expansion and upgrading independence, realizing the intelligent integration of Zhixin Group's intelligent management factory.

Professional Testing Technology

The laboratory has the ability to carry out more than 20 kinds of routine tests, and has long-term cooperation with many domestic experimental testing institutions